Vehicles for the needs of driving schools are vehicles that are used for conducting classes in the subject Vehicle Management.

These can be B, C1, C and D category vehicles, but they must be equipped and tested in accordance with the Road Traffic Safety Act, and must meet the requirements of the Ordinance on the technical conditions of vehicles in road traffic and the conditions determined by the Driver’s Test Program.

Testing of the vehicle’s structural features and devices according to other regulations is performed by a legal entity authorized by the ministry responsible for transport affairs with the consent of the ministry responsible for economic affairs, which is the Croatian Vehicle Center.

As a manufacturer and assembler, the company Spid is the bearer of responsibility, so we take care not only of the safety and quality of the equipped vehicle, but also of the technical documentation required for testing.

We also offer additional equipment that is also necessary for obtaining a test certificate – a certificate, all in the desire to make the procedure easy and simple by equipping the vehicle in one place.


✅ Dual control with sound signaling for passenger vehicles
✅ Dual control for trucks
✅ Dual control for buses
✅ Internal rearview mirror with homologation
✅ External mirror with homologation
✅ Magnetic or adhesive stickers on the car
✅ Roof panel for marking personal vehicles
✅ Truck and bus marking plate
✅ Motorcycle marking plate

Dual control for buses and trucks

Foldable roof panel